CYTech 2013 New Year Speech
Source: CYTech      Last Update: 2013-1-5
The Moon falls along with the bright afterglows, 2012 was passed by ,but the ending with unforgettable memory.
 Bid farewell to the last cold winter night of 2012,looking back on the past year, we are proceed with cautious in the keep moving market, advanced the enterprises reformation and production line adjustment actively,it improved the production capacity effectively.
At the early of April,we improved the apperance of 3 series products, some old models out of stock.
After almost one-year preparation,the HD digital network series products was introduced into market at the middle of May, the products range was enriched continously.
The HVR which mixed analog-digital HD storage modes enjoyed great popularity in the market after it was launched.Because both HD network cameras and analog cameras can be connected with HVR,it brings a great news for 80% above customers which still use traditional analog cameras in the market.AS the HVR with stronger compatibility,higher expansibility and better stability function,it was believed that the market share will be expanded further in the following competition.
Continuely renewing the DVR products of itself appearance, 2 new series were added in the middle of June.
At the early September,we took all our products into technical renovation, the face recognition function was added in the products.
After 6 months long time selection and tested by nationwide clients, Our company was honored with the award of Ten enterprise integrity in 2012 which issued by China Pacific Security at the middle of September.
At the early December,we got the prize of 100 security brands runner-up 2012 issued by China Security associate through 9 months election,verification by all the consumers in the whole country.
Now,it puts a perfect end to steadfast and stable CYTech People for year 2012.On the heels of honour,we know more clearly about the changes and demands of whole market;it’s not only the self-affirmation and encourage of CYTech members,more stands for the approval and affirmation for our hard work by the market,the support and confirmation for our persistance in technology reform by clients,and the advocacy and recognition for our continuous progress in high position by agents.Actually nothing can express our appreciation to all the users, agents,industry peers and media,I hereby represent CYTech People to say thank you to all of you, thank you!
The sun is rising ,the rosy colour of dawn spreads all over the sky.2013 has come,the opening with prosperous.
After sustained production innovation in the last year,the more intense knock-out competition will be comes out in the security products market this year.However,all the members at CYTech will  walking in the forefront of the market demand firmly with confidence,keeping develop new area and new demand,and serve our cooperated partners with stable quality products and perfect after-sales service.
Adhere to service to customers with  superior products.
Adhere to  service to customers  with the professional product technical service and performance operation method.
Adhere to service to customers with the their demand as the guidance and taking one of the leading role of the market.
Adhere to  service to customers with the persistent state of mind and put the demander’s request as the highest requirements .
Your respected partners , all the strong will members of CYTech will work with you hand in hand to achieve more great prosperity in 2013.