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Position: Products > Network IP Camera > DF series IR dome waterproof IP camera > CY-DFN1340M IR 1.3M Pixel HD waterproof outdoor Dome IP Camera

40M IR 1.3M Pixel HD waterproof outdoor Dome IP Camera

  • 40M IR 1.3M Pixel HD waterproof outdoor Dome IP Camera
  • 40M IR 1.3M Pixel HD waterproof outdoor Dome IP Camera

  • 40M IR 1.3M Pixel HD waterproof outdoor Dome IP Camera
  • Support ONVIF2.0 standard.

  • 1.3 megapixels HD CMOS sensor, with HD lens.

  • Cloud monitoring service, Network to penetrate, one-click access to the Internet, easy to monitor.

  • IE/CMS/Client/smartphone live view.

  • Support  all kinds of intelligent mobile monitoring(Iphone, Android system) and Pan-tilt controlling.

  • Adopting the newest 1.3megapxiels AR0130 HD  CMOS sensor which presented by America Aptina;

  • Embedded RTOS design, 32 bit dual DSP(HI-3518C), pure hardware  compression, hardware watchdog;

  • With Aptina™A-Pix™pixel technology, more powerful low illumination  sensitivity, lower pixel noisy, higher color reproduction ablility and brightness;

  • Realize real  time 960P HD recording;

  • Adopting IR-CUT switch, more clear image, better color reproduction, lower illumination.it can up  to 0 Lux when the IR on;

  • Use IR trigger  control the signal, IR color cange to B/W sybchrobously, IR-CUT and IR switch  auto-sync, lower noise at night;

  • 36 PCS ø5 ultra-bight IR LED.Indoor IR distance can reach up to 20-30M;

  • Design with intelligent  light-activated and automatically detecting technology to control the infrared  lights, reducing working hours of the light and extending product life in an  energy-saving and environment-friendly way;

  • Apply innovative technology  of series-parallel with lights working independently without mutual  interference;

  • Adopt HD megapixel lens with better night-view performance than normal lens;

  • Split glass design, lens is separated with IR, thus  avoiding the problems such as flash, refecting and whitening;

  • Original imported glasses, with  anti-dust, anti-fog, waterproof function;

  • High-grade alloy shell, excellent heat dissipation to  ensure camera work long hours stablely;

  • It meets the standard  of IP67 anti-water, anti-dust, adaptable to any environment, even under water;

  • One channel 10/100M adaptive RJ45 interface;

  • Use DC 12V power supply;

  • Support ONVIF2.0 standard;

  • Adopting Embedded LINUX system, more stable  operation, higher security perfomance;

  • Standard H.264MP compression algorithm, real time compression by independent hardware, high quality image with low code flow, synchronour monitoring of the audio&video, support two-way voice intercom;

  • Can be connected with HVR, NVR and CMS, the video can be stored in different computer to ensure the safety of the data;

  • With dual stream, Auto adjustment can be realized at 0.1-6Mpbs code and 1-30 f/s, Support 3 network transmission methods of self-adaption, iamge quality priority, fluency priority, powerful network data transmission and remote operation ability;

  • Local data can be stored in specific format, it can’t be read directly or distort to ensure the data safety;

  • Support power-off protection and auto resume;

  • Continous/schedule/motion detection/alarm  multi recording modes, six-speed motion detection sensitivity settings;

  • Support quick or slow multi playback modes;

  • Support motion detection, video shield/lost, alarm output/input, exception handling and other event- handling methods;

  • The videos or snapshots can be stored by email whenever the camera detects motion, and support linkage between center notes and popup;

  • Built-in web sever, the remote real time operation such as recording, preview, video search, playback, PTZ control, parameter configuration can be realized by IE or CMS system, and support client (maximum up to 64)remote view simultaneously;

  • Multi-level access control, the visiting and opration by other can be set independently;

  • Support multi mainstream browsers such as IE, Chrome;

  • Support Iphone, Android system mobile remote monitoring and PTZ control;

  • Cloud monitoring service, easily achieve a variety of network penetration, the user  can achieve real-time video surveillance and remote video playback functions  through a variety of monitoring terminal to on web.

  • Powerful network services (TCP/IP, PPPOE, NTP, Email,  P2P etc), make easy to communicate;

5.0MP HD CMOS Sensor1.3Megapixel HD lower illumination camerasD/N Monitoring
HD CMOS Sensor1.3Megapixel HDLower IlluminationD/N Monitoring
Megapixel HD LensIR-CUTIR CameraWaterproof Camera
Megapixel HD LensIR-CUTIR CameraWaterproof Camera
3.6-25MM Fixed LensSplit Glass DesignThermal DesignNetwork camera
3.6-25MM Fixed LensSplit Glass DesignThermal DesignNetwork camera
H.264 CompressionDual StreamTwo-way Voice IntercomOnvif
H.264 CompressionDual StreamTwo-way IntercomOnvif
Cloud MonitoringIE BrowersMobile Phone Monitoring10/100M Network
Cloud MonitoringIE BrowersMobile Monitoring10/100M Network
EmailMotion DetectionMulti-UserMetal Shell
EmailMotion DetectionMulti-UserMetal Shell
Newest Circuit DesignNon-Pb  
Newest Circuit DesignNon-Pb  
 1.3 Megapxiels HD CMOS Image Sensor

Adopting the newest 1.3 Megapixels AR0130  CMOS sensor which presented by America Aptina, and the Hisilicon company  produced 32 bit dual DSP(HI-3518C) which purely compressed by hardware.

1.0 Megapxiels HD CMOS Image Sensor

 Mechanical filter IR-CUT

IR-CUT switch consists of IR cut-off filter and all spectral through filter..When the IR cut-off filter on, it can block infrared wavelengths which affect the imaged badly at the light sufficient day time, above 95% 700nm infrared can be cut-off, then the CCD can produce accurate color images, get more pure and softer picture, finally make consistent with human vision.At night, the IR cut-off filter will auto switch to spectral through filter while the light insufficient, then CCD make full use of visible light to improve performance of low illumination, reduce the noise, clarify the image.

Mechanical filter IR-CUT

 Megapixels HD Lens

Adopting megapixels HD lens with aspherical technology,it can improve the clarity of image edge effectively;multi-layer composite coating way to increase the amount of light penetration, reducing glare and ghosting image, and get the best color.The lens has advantage of the  large amount of light transmission, lower noise, higher resolution, further depth of focus etc.The image quality far than ordinary lens.

Megapixels HD Lens

 Excellent Image Quality

AR0130 with 1.3 megapixles resolution, it can provide brightness and colorful video, which can compatible with CCD effect.

Excellent Image Quality

 Lower Illumination

It can get more clearer image at darker environment for lower illumination cameras.It needs less brightness to distinguish objects than normal cameras.

Normal Illumination EffectiveLower Illumination Effective
Normal Illumination EffectiveLower Illumination Effective
 Profesional Vedio Cable

Inferior video cable uses a kind of thin and impurity containing copper core   , and the protective coating can be inflammable easily, which will affect the   signal transmission and electricity utilization seriously;however, professional   vedio cable adopts pure thicker copper core, with the flame-retardanting of   protective coating , it makes sure the vedio transmission more stable and   electrical utilization more safe.

Inferior Video CableHigh Quality Video Cable
Inferior Video CableHigh Quality Video Cable
 Cloud Monitoring

It’s a video surveillance system based on cloud computing and cloud  storage technology, wherever there is network, no need to do any setting, DVR  cloud terminal will automatically register the video surveillance cloud server  which distributed around the world according to the principles of nearest and  load balancing.Only needs through the Web, the  user can easily enjoy the real-time video surveillance and remote video  playback function through a variety of monitoring terminal (PC, mobile phone, PAD, etc).

Cloud Monitoring

 Smartphone Remote Monitoring

Support Android, Iphone, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Blackberry system mobile phone remote monitoring.

PDA Smartphone Remote Monitoring

 Dual Stream

With dual stream, both the image quality and transmission quality can be guaranteed in the existing network bottlenecks, it support network self-adapting technology to adjust video frame rate automatically according to the network bandwidth, easy to achieve the HD video saved in the DAN and transmited at lower stream;or use main stream when the conditions allowed such as IE/client, and use complement stream at the PDA mobile remote view.
           Note:main application of complement stream:multi channel live minitoring, mobile phone remote view when the network condition is not good.

Dual Stream


This camera is equipped with infrared lights. It will automatically open infrared light to compensate ambient light in low-light environment.